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Object to study: Ozerninsky Ore Cluster in the Republic of Buryatia: mostly polymetalic ore resources with associated precious metals mineralization and iron ore resources.

Resources of Ozerninsky Ore Cluster in total:  Zn, Pb - 250Mt of ore; Cu – 350Kt; Fe – 150Mt; Ba – 20Kt; Au – 20t.

UDE #14076 TP License for prospecting and estimation of the deposits of lead, zinc, copper, iron and associated minerals on Ozerninsky area is valid until 2016. 

Location: Eravninsky district of the Republic of Buryatia, 60 km from Sosnovo-Ozersk district centre, 180 km north of Mogzon railway station. The nearest settlements are Ozerny settlement and Gunda village. The licensed area is 762,4 km2.
In result of prospecting and evaluation works (geochemical and geophysical surveying, excavation and drilling) there have been identified and evaluated some potentially productive polymetalic and gold areas located in the ore zones similar to Nazarovsky type of mineralization.

In 2012 on potentially productive areas the proprietary assessment of С2 reserves and Р1, Р2 resources was carried out. 


Gold, t

Zinc, Kt

Silver, t






0,6-2,1 g/t


48 g/t

Inferred resources






0,88 – 2,48 g/t

6,4 %

44 g/t






2 g/t



Reserves and resources of potentially productive areas of Ozerninsky Ore Cluster are considered as prospective mineral resource base for Nazarovskoe deposit.

Bakchar Iron Ore Occurrence

Object to study: Polynyansky site of Bakchar iron ore field.

ТОМ 01334 ТR License for prospecting, exploration and mining of iron ore  is valid until 2030.

Location: The site is located in Tomsk region, 200 km north-west from the Tomsk city. The licensed area is 37.5 km2.

Polynyansky site

Iron ore resources

2,8 Bt

Iron grade in ore


Cumulative thickness of productive layer

35 m

Depth of productive layer

195 m

Now the Company carries out prospecting and estimation works started in 2011. In 2013 the proprietary assessment of Polynyansky site iron ore resources was carried out and showed the following: Р1 – 1318,8 Mt with Fe average grade - 34-39%; Р2 – 934,5 Mt with Fe average grade - 33-38%.

Until the end of 2014 it is planned to carry out technological tests, to review the executed assessment of inferred resources, to calculate reserves within the specified block.

The deposit development will initiate the formation of new industrial region and in many aspects define the further social and economic development of the Tomsk region.


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