Prospective development of the infrastructure in Buryatia

In 2013 the Government of the Russian Federation (Government Decree #466-r of 29/03/2013) adopted the State Program of social and economic development of the Far East and Baikal region. One of the key objectives of the state program is to create conditions for accelerated development of the Far East, to make it a competitive region with diversified economy and hi-tech industrial works.

The State Program considers the implementation of the Eastern Buryatia Complex Development project. The project is based on the state-private partnership and aimed at creation of the new large industrial regions using the high natural and mineral resource potential of the Republic of Buryatia, forest resources and needed infrastructure development.

Eastern Buryatia Complex Development project assumes the implementation of large investment projects including:

  • The construction of Ermakovsky Mining and Processing Plant (with annual ore output up to 30Kt), the nearest settlements are Zurgana, Leonovka, Novokizhinginsk;
  • The construction of Ozerny Mining and Processing Plant (with designed annual ore output 8Mt, zinc concentrate production 695 200t and lead concentrate production 89 920t) , the nearest settlements are Gunda, Khorgo, Ozerny;
  • The construction of Ulan-Ude-Khorinsk-Eravna double circuit 220kV power line (350km long) and two substations: 220kV Khorinsk substation and 220kv Eravna substation.
  • The construction of “Zabaikalsky Krai Boundary- Sosnovoozerskoe” primary forest road.

A number of power supply network facilities connecting the Siberian and East regions in the area of Baikal-Amur Mainline will be constructed (Ust-Kut – Nizhneangarsk 500kV power line, etc.).
Also it is planned to build in Ulan-Ude the 270MW Thermal Power Plant #2 (TPP-2) with its further upgrade up to 840MW.

Power supply of isolated districts will be provided by construction of distribution network and development of the republic local power system including the renewable energy sources.

The development of isolated districts and mineral resource base is connected with the construction of Vitimsky Hydro Power Complex (using the capacity of Moksky hydro electric station).





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