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The MBC Corporation is a managing company. It maintains control over the association of mining companies within industrial business structure of the METROPOL Group – one of the largest investment industrial groups of Russia. The MBC Corporation specializes in greenfield projects, implementing mining projects “from scratch”.

The MBC Corporation capital assets are located in the Republic of Buryatiya. The company holds mineral rights for Ozernoye (zinc, lead), Nazarovskoye (gold, zinc), Yermakovskoye (beryllium, fluorite), Talinskoe (brown coal), Bakchar iron ore occurrence and Kholodninskoye (zinc, lead) deposits. The Company assets accumulate 47 % of zinc, 24 % of lead and 80 % of beryllium of Russia’s total reserves containing more than 18 mln tons of zinc, over 3 mln tons of lead and about 5.7 thousand tons of beryllium.

The MBC Corporation participates in drafting and implementation of the strategic development plans within “METROPOL” Group mining programs. It serves the purpose of business diversification and increases the Group enterprises’ profitability.  The Company activities are targeted at enhancement of mining assets management efficiency, and investment and infrastructure projects implementation.

The MBC Corporation has a representative office in Ulan-Ude (Republic of Buryatia).

Awards and Diplomas

The MBC Corporation and its executives have repeatedly received awards and diplomas from international organizations for environmental initiatives and business accomplishments as well as for their contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of Buryatia and support for arts patronage traditions in the Republic.

April 2010 – IFC METROPOL and its Head M.V.Slipenchuk ranked first in the nomination of the Benefactor of the Year among International and Russian Corporations and Foundations. B.D.Tsyrenov, Deputy CEO of the MBC Corporation was declared the best benefactor among natural persons;

March 2010 - M.V.Slipenchuk and B.D.Tsyrenov were awarded the Culture Patron of the Year title in Buryatia;

November 2009 - The MBC Corporation and Chairman of its Board of Directors M.V.Slipenchuk were awarded Diplomas for Contribution to UNEPCOM’s (Russian National Committee for UNEP) The Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign;

March 2009 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the MBC Corporation M.V.Slipenchuk was awarded the Benefactor of 2008 prize in the Republic of Buryatia;

2008 - The MBC Corporation was awarded a diploma of a participant in the 2008 Park March for a major contribution to natural reserve area protection;

April 2008 – Executives of the MBC Corporation received honorary certificates for their contribution to the development of the economic and social basis in the Republic of Buryatia;

October 2007– MBC Resources was declared the Company of the Year at MINEX 2007;

April 2006 – B.D.Tsyrenov was awarded a merit certificate For Active Participation in the Development of Mineral Deposits in the Republic of Buryatia.



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