MBC Corporation is facing the challenging objective of promoting the industrial development of a region with numerous natural parks, reserves and one of Russia’s main national properties – lake Baikal. The economic necessity of Russia’s mineral resources reproduction entails a number of ecological problems associated with the projects implemented in the Baikal region.
The Corporation realizes the scope and complexity of the challenges it faces and is building up its activity on the basis of international requirements and standards.

Striving to meet the strictest environmental preservation requirements the Corporation has chosen to prevent problems at the stage of engineering. For this purpose a set of standards and policies has been developed. Their implementation is followed by an internal cross audit at each of the enterprises and for each of the projects.

As a result of a tender, the international ecological company ERM was chosen as the Corporation’s official consultant.

In cooperation with its ecological consultants, independent international ecological organizations and public associations the Corporation has worked out a list of specific measures included into the feasibility studies of the projects.

The MBC Corporation pays special attention to establishing cooperation with the scientific and public communities as well as with the population of the areas where the projects are based.

Since 2006 the Corporation has been arranging ecological conferences and public hearings to establish a public dialogue and cooperation aimed at an efficient solution of ecological and related social and economic problems in the areas of the Corporation’s projects deployment.

The MBC Corporation has become an initiator of numerous projects of the METROPOL Group directed at scientific research and preservation of Lake Baikal. As a result of many years of work the Fund for the Protection of Lake Baikal was founded in 2008 and a scientific expedition “MIR” on Baikal” was organized.



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